DStv Business

Give You Customers, Staff And Yourself Something To Enjoy While Waiting …Eating ….

We are no longer calling it DStv Communal. It’s now DStv Business. Combine business and entertainment. With tailored world-class entertainment from DStv Business, you can give your guests, patrons, and employees another reason to choose your establishment. DStv Business elevates your customer experience with premium entertainment, action-packed sports, and up-to-the-minute news in stunning HD. So, what does this mean for your customers, and how will it help you? ┬áCustomers are happier when they receive high quality entertainment. Unrivaled clarity with crisp viewing. Simpler options with a customized package. You have a lot of options. Select one or more of our tailored DStv Business packages to meet your specific business requirements.


DStv Stay

With DStv Stay, you can make them feel at ease. Ideal for: guesthouse | bed and breakfast | hotel / retirement village | clinic/hospital. Our Stay packages are designed to give your guests an in-room viewing experience they won’t want to miss. R285 for per month, per TV.


DStv Play

With DStv, you can provide the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Ideal for: Shop/Restaurant | Tavern/Shebeen | Pub/Bar | Stadium/Arena Keep your business hopping by providing your customers with a world of entertainment to cheer for. R330 per month, per TV.


DStv Work

With DStv, you can bring the entire team together. Work Ideal for: school/university | office/corporation | government office | bank/reception Engage your employees with news, commerce, and sports entertainment for memorable watercooler moments. R400 per month, per TV.

Communal DStv Installer Installations

The Latest In Communal DStv Installer Installations From The Experts!

Communal DSTV Installations Durban are mainly by flats, townhouse complexes or businesses. Communal DStv Installers provide both TV and DStv Installer signals, which are transmitted to more than one area or unit using the same aerial or DStv Installer satellite dish.

Here at DStv Installer Durban, we deliver the most affordable Communal DStv Installer Installations in Durban by accredited and certified technicians that have more than five years of experience when it comes to Communal Installations. With our Communal DSTV Installation Service, you can enjoy the following range of benefits: Increased Property Value. Reduction of Individual Satellite Dishes or Aerials

The type of communal DSTV installer installation needed varies according to the type and size of the property. If you have a previously installed communal system, it will need to be upgraded for the digital switch-over. In cases where the communal system is older than ten years, an upgrade will most likely be needed, or in some cases, the communal system will need a complete replacement. DStv Installer Durban’s communal installations are ready for the digital signal switch-over and won’t need any upgrades before the digital switch-over. For more information regarding our communal DSTV installer installations, please contact us on 074-035-3113. or email us at [email protected]?or complete the online customer contact form for help.

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